Contract Manufacturing

We collaborate with small manufacturers and large international operations to deliver the best lyophilization solution for product excellence.


AMS specialize in contract manufacturing of lyophilization and related processing of pharmaceutical intermediates, medical devices, specialty food and nutritional ingredients. We offer industry-leading facilities and cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of manufacturing and product development challenges.

Key Services

Lyophilization Cycle Development

With decades of experience in lyophilization, our staff scientists will work with you to develop optimized lyophilization cycles to maximize yields for your project and its level of development. As your project grows, we’ll adjust your cycles to match your scale.

Contract Lyophilization

As one of America’s largest medical lyophilizers we are the choice of many companies, from multinational corporations to growing startups. Using our range of cGMP facilities and dryers we can lyophilize volumes ranging from 1 to 2,000 liters per cycle.

Tableting & Capsuling

Attwill offers a range of tableting and capsuling services for your lyophilized compounds. We are ready to manufacture a variety of volumes, sizes, and coatings to meet your needs from clinical trial to full deployment.


After lyophilization and tableting, Attwill is ready to package your products in our automated filling facility, assemble them into their final packaging, and have them ready to ship to your customers. We are geared for milligram to ton capacities.

Logistics and Fulfillment

Attwill can take your products from manufacture to delivery. Located near the transit hub of Madison, WI, we can prepare your product for shipping and have it sent to you or directly to your customers.

Product Expertise



We are projected to be America’s largest producer of LyoSpheres. Our LyoSpheres are found in many PCR test kits and can be stored at room-temperature.



Our facilities are contracted for the lyophilization of vaccines, including those fighting against COVID-19. Our ISO 7 (Class 10,000) clean suites are prepared to handle live and attenuated viruses.


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Our employees are experienced in the production of active pharmaceuticals. Our facilities are equipped to handle a wide range of APIs.


Formulation Chemistry

Attwill’s state-of-the-art facilities are configured for multiple sizes and environments. From clean rooms to climate-controlled chemical storage and dispensing, we can accommodate your products’ needs.



Attwill has a long history of manufacturing and developing probiotics. We maintain our facilities in accordance with FDA cGMP standards for probiotics (21 CFR 111).


Bulk Freeze Drying

Attwill has expertise freeze-drying capacities of over 2,000L per cycle and products ranging from food and nutritional supplements to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biologics.

Covid-19 Pandemic Response

Employing advanced American manufacturing to solve global problems, Attwill has been there every step of the way, from mass-producing isopropyl hand sanitizer, to LyoSphere COVID test kits, to development and manufacture of next-generation COVID vaccines and treatments.


We align your expectations with the highest quality standards, including technical excellence, innovation and service. Our quality system carries internationally recognized ISO 13485 2016 certifications.

Kosher Certification

Food manufacturing license

ISO 13485 2016 (medical device) certification

21 CFR Parts 210 and 211 (drug cGMP)

21 CFR Part 820 (medical device cGMP)

21 CFR Part 111 (nutritional supplement cGMP)

One of America’s Largest Medical Lyophilizer

Servicing milligram-to-ton capacities and products from pharmaceuticals and medical devices to food and nutraceuticals, Attwill works to increase yields and cross your production hurdles.