Medical Devices

Attwill develops and manufactures medical devices for international distribution.

Vascular-Access and Recovery

Attwill produces a growing family of vascular-access devices that aid in patient care and recovery. Our anti-infection and anti-clotting medical products are specially geared to fight the growing threats of Nosocomial and Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections, protecting the 90% of all hospitalized patients who receive IV therapy in America each year.


Single-use protective disc with CHG to reduce microbial impact on the site dressing on patients with IV and other catheters. Improved absorbency, better wound healing, and superior disc design over market-leading product.


FILTERGuard™ is a disposable IV filter with CHG. The sterile, single-use disposable IV filter is infused with chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) to help reduce the incidence of bloodstream infections, local infections and skin colonization in patients with IV catheters. This innovative product is designed as an in-line accessory for catheters to trap and kill microbial contaminants from catheter lock solutions prior to the solutions entering the catheter.

Anti-thrombin Heparin (ATH)

Anti-thrombin Heparin (ATH) technology is a breakthrough heparin formulation that reduces the risk of blood clots and unwanted thrombosis in catheters and other medical devices, but is safer and more active than other Heparin on the market. ATH is a connector device that delivers novel antithrombin and heparin (anticoagulant) into the inner lumen of catheters during the locking of catheters.

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