Our Team

Attilio Di Fiore

Co-Founder, Managing Partner & COO

Attilio Di Fiore brings over 25 years of medical device design, development, manufacturing, and regulatory experience. He is an acknowledged innovator and is respected for his expertise in the areas of infection control, thrombosis, in-vitro and in-vivo model design and biomaterial applications. Attilio has served as consulting expert and/or team leader for a number of medical device manufacturers, biomaterial manufacturers and biological test facilities across the U.S. and Canada. Prior to Attwill, Attilio was Program Manager of the Applied Research and Technology Team at Bard Access Systems (a division of CR BARD). He is named as primary inventor on 21 patents/applications, has published articles in the vascular arena, and presented at numerous medical and scientific conventions. Attilio holds a B.Sc. in Biological Science (Molecular Biology) and a B.Sc. Eng. in Biological Engineering (Biomedical).